Helen Watson-Jones

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Henry Ascencio

Henry Asencio at work, a favourite of mine. I love the emotion in his artwork.



Monday, 4 April 2011

a colour too far?

Painting is so torturous sometimes! I picked some new colours, new for me, to create four personal pictures for my dining room. Lime green, my new absolutely favouritest colour, orange, my previous colour of choice (which in itself was a surprise to me when realisation hit that it was my favourite) and yellow, well who can not like yellow. Its sunshine and flowers etc etc you have to be a pretty miserable bugger not to be cheered up by yellow.

Anyway three colours that look lovely on my coffee mugs,cushions, i-pod nana (as i mistakenly called it and now its stuck) and allegedly were to look amazing on the new paintings BUT DONT.

Admittedly I have only done the backgrounds but they remind me of the garish 'we've fallen in love with the Caribbean' pictures that you see tourists in flip flops clutching at airports on their way back to the fog, rain and grime that is home (after the Caribbean fairy has sprinkled her ganja scented magic dust over them) Its the green i think, its not the right green :(

I'm hoping they can be rescued when further layers go on the top. Its a tall order tho...

Helen xx